Wide -Area Dispatch Communication Systems
Sales and Subscriptions

Warner Communications has been selling, programming, installing and repairing wide-area dispatch communication systems—including dispatch console equipment—for more than fifty years.

We have extensive experience with public-safety grade radio systems, including P25 and TETRA as well as commercial-grade radio systems, including DMR and NXDN.

Warner Communications designs, deploys, and monitors the performance of wide-area dispatch communication systems for organizations throughout Missouri and Illinois, and we also offer the subscription-based InstaTalk service.

Connect Your Fleet with InstaTalk

If investing in your own wide-area dispatch communication system doesn’t make sense for your organization, subscribe to InstaTalk and get rolling quickly and easily while saving money!


Let us design a custom wide-area dispatch communication system that meets your needs

Warner Communications has the experience, technical expertise, and technology partnerships to design and monitor a custom wide-area dispatch communication system that meets your organization’s specific requirements. Contact us to learn more about our wide area dispatch communication system and equipment capabilities.

  • RF Propagation Study
  • FCC Channel Licensing and Coordination
  • System Design and Engineering
  • Dispatch Console Equipment and Installation
  • Two-Way Radio Sales, Programming, and Repairs
  • Training and Technical Support
  • System Performance and Compliance Monitoring

Let us earn your trust and your business.  Schedule a consultation with one of our industry experts today to discover how a custom designed wide-area dispatch communication system can bring value to your organization.

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