Vehicle Build Out

> Mobile Two Way Radio Systems
> Vehicle Camera + Monitoring Systems
> Warning + Emergency Lights
> Sirens + Loudspeakers
> Traffic Signal Control Systems

Warner Communications installs mobile two way communication radios,  in-vehicle mobile camera monitoring systems, warning lights, sirens, loudspeakers, radar & traffic signal control systems in law enforcement, military, emergency response, government and security vehicles. We specialize in vehicle equipment installation, transfers, upgrades + repairs for police cruisers and motorcycles, firetrucks, ambulances, military vehicles and security vehicles.

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emergency-lights-transparentWe Install and Repair Mobile Two Way Radios + Security Equipment in Many Types of Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Military, Government, Security + Service Vehicles

Warner Communications has 50 years of experience installing and repairing mobile two way radios, vehicle camera monitoring systems, warning lights, sirens and radar in vehicles for a wide range of law enforcement, emergency response, military, government, security and service vehicles. These include:

  • Police Cruisers, Trucks + Motorcycles
  • Fire + Rescue Vehicles
  • Emergency Response + Ambulances
  • Security Vehicles
  • Military Vehicles
  • Government Vehicles
  • Utility + Service Vehicles

Vehicle Build Out + Installation of Two Way Communication + Security Equipment

Warner Communications installs two way communication + security technology equipment in law enforcement, military, emergency response, government, service and security vehicles. We are an experienced and authorized dealer, systems integrator, installer and repair shop for many of the industry’s top mobile two way radios, in-vehicle video monitoring cameras, vehicle emergency and warning lights, traffic control systems and radar. We install:

  • Mobile Two Way Radios + Communication Systems for Vehicles
  • Mobile Video Cameras, Monitoring Systems + DVRs for Vehicles
  • Exterior Warning + Emergency Lights for Vehicles
  • Radar + Traffic Signal Controls
  • Sirens + External Loud Speakers
  • Backup Alarms, Lights + Cameras

Mobile Two Way Radio Communication Systems for Vehicles

We specialize in mobile two way radio communication equipment, components + system installation, transfers, upgrades and repairs for law enforcement, military, emergency response, government, service and security vehicles:

  • Mobile two way radios
  • Vehicle mounted antennas

Mobile Video Monitoring Cameras for Vehicles

We install and repair mobile video monitoring cameras for police cars, firetrucks, ambulances, military vehicles and security vehicles:

  • Interior vehicle cameras to monitor the driver + passengers
  • Exterior vehicle cameras to monitor road conditions, traffic + pedestrians
  • Vehicle + Motorcycle Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
  • Backup Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

Warning + Emergency Lights for Vehicles

We install, replace and repair warning + emergency lights and lighting control systems in law enforcement, military, emergency response and security vehicles:

  • Lightbars
  • Lightheads
  • Arrow Sticks
  • Headlight Flashers
  • Beacons
  • Spotlights
  • Searchlights
  • Warning Lights
  • Backup Vehicle Lights
  • License Plate Light Brackets
  • Traffic Advisor Lights
  • Fog Lights
  • Side Mirror Beams
  • Runner Lights
  • Bumper Lights

Radar + Traffic Signal Control Systems

We also install, transfer, replace and repair police radar + traffic signal control systems for emergency response and law enforcement vehicles:

  • Police Radar
  • Traffic Light Changers
  • Speakers
  • Sirens + Siren Controllers
  • Back Up Vehicle Alarms

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