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Two Way Communication + Security Technology

Warner Communications has experience designing, deploying and monitoring the performance of two way radio communication and security technology systems for sports + entertainment venues. We sell, install and repair commercial grade two way radio systems, IP video surveillance systems, access control systems and in-vehicle mobile communication, monitoring and lighting systems for passenger, service + security vehicles.

Two Way Radio Communication + Security Technology Experience for Sports + Entertainment Venues

Warner Communications has extensive expertise delivering commercial grade two way radio communication and security technology solutions to sports + entertainment venues such as stadiums, arenas, concert halls, amphitheatres, cinemas and movie theatres. We have served the sports + entertainment industries across Missouri and Illinois for the last 50 years. Our experience includes:

  • Radio Dispatch Centers for Sports + Entertainment Venues
  • Mobile Two Way Radio Systems in Vehicles (Passenger + Service Vehicles)
  • IP Video Surveillance Systems to Monitor Streets, Outdoor Areas, Buildings, Garages + Parking Lots
  • Body Cameras for Employees + Security Personnel
  • Access Control Systems to Restrict + Track Entry to Buildings, Rooms, Gated Areas + Garages
  • In-Vehicle Mobile Monitoring Systems for Passenger, Security + Service Vehicles

We help our sports + entertainment customers protect, monitor and coordinate their workers, customers, vendors, facilities, sites, vehicles and equipment with sophisticated commercial two way radio communication and security technology solutions. These include:

  • Onsite, Campus + Wide Area Two Way Radio Communication Systems: including radio dispatch centers, portable/ handheld two way radios for workers and mobile two way radios installed in vehicles. We sell & install radio dispatch consoles, BDA and Fiber DAS antenna systems, repeaters and trunked systems.
  • IP Video Surveillance Systems: including IP digital video cameras and DVRs to monitor sites, buildings (interior and exterior), garages, equipment, vehicles and people
  • Access Control Systems to regulate and monitor entry points to sites, garages, buildings and rooms
  • In-Vehicle Mobile Communication, Monitoring + Lighting Systems for passenger, security and service vehicles. This includes back up lights and alarms.

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