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Two Way Communication + Security Technology

Warner Communications has experience designing, deploying and monitoring the performance of two way radio communication and security technology systems for casinos + gaming venues. We sell, install and repair commercial grade two way radio systems, IP video surveillance systems, access control systems and in-vehicle mobile communication, monitoring and lighting systems for passenger, service + security vehicles.

Two Way Radio Communication + Security Technology Experience for Casinos + Gaming Venues

Warner Communications has extensive expertise delivering commercial grade two way radio communication and security technology solutions to casinos + gaming venues. We have served the gaming industry across Missouri and Illinois for the last 50 years. Our experience includes:

  • Radio Dispatch Centers for Casinos + Gaming Venues
  • Mobile Two Way Radio Systems in Casino Vehicles (Passenger + Service Vehicles)
  • IP Video Surveillance Systems to Monitor Buildings, Rooms, Garages + Parking Lots
  • Body Cameras for Employees + Security Personnel
  • Access Control Systems to Restrict + Track Entry to Buildings, Rooms, Gated Areas + Garages
  • In-Vehicle Mobile Monitoring Systems for Passenger, Security + Service Vehicles

Two Way Radio Communication + Security Technology Solutions for Casino + Gaming Venue Facilities, Vehicles + Workers

We help our gaming industry customers protect, monitor and coordinate their workers, customers, vendors, facilities, sites, vehicles and equipment with sophisticated commercial two way radio communication and security technology solutions. These include:

  • Onsite, Campus + Wide Area Two Way Radio Communication Systems: including radio dispatch centers, portable/ handheld two way radios for workers and mobile two way radios installed in vehicles. We sell & install radio dispatch consoles, BDA and Fiber DAS antenna systems, repeaters and trunked systems.
  • IP Video Surveillance Systems: including IP digital video cameras and DVRs to monitor sites, buildings (interior and exterior), garages, equipment, vehicles and people
  • Access Control Systems to regulate and monitor entry points to sites, garages, buildings and rooms
  • In-Vehicle Mobile Communication, Monitoring + Lighting Systems for passenger, security and service vehicles. This includes back up lights and alarms.

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