Warner Communications Adds Location Through the Acquisition of IE Communications in Trenton, Illinois

Posted April 6, 2015

In April 2015, Warner Communications Corporation of St. Louis, Missouri purchased certain assets of IE Communications in Trenton, Illinois.  This acquisition is part of Warner Communications’ long term strategic initiative to grow the company, expand its geographic footprint throughout the Midwest and offer customers a wider array of two way radio communication and security technology solutions.

The Impact of Warner Communications’ Acquisition of IE Communications and the New Sales + Service Location in Trenton, Illinois

Warner Communications’ acquisition of IE Communications in Trenton, Illinois offers IE Communications customers (as well as organizations throughout the west central Illinois market) many advantages and introduces several positive changes. These include:

  • QUALITY TWO WAY RADIOS + RELIABLE AIRTIME: Warner will continue to supply and service IE Communications customers with two way radios and deliver reliable airtime on FCC-approved frequencies. Additional radios and channels are available (please inquire).
  • BROADER INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Warner will leverage its collective expertise across a wide array of public safety and commercial sectors to bring Trenton and the west central Illinois market a new level of industry specialization.
  • MORE TWO WAY COMMUNICATION RADIO SYSTEM SOLUTIONS: Warner will make its entire line of two way communication radio system solutions available to Trenton and the west central Illinois market. These include a proven portfolio of public safety and commercial grade two way radios and dispatch console equipment, two way communication system design and monitoring, RF and propagation studies, and FCC licensing and license management.
  • NEW SECURITY, SURVEILLANCE + MONITORING SOLUTIONS: Warner will introduce its line of security, surveillance and monitoring solutions to Trenton and the west central Illinois market. These include commercial IP video surveillance systems, access control systems and emergency vehicle cameras and monitoring systems (including full vehicle build out).
  • 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS IN ILLINOIS + MISSOURI: Warner now has 4 sales and service locations across Illinois and Missouri to provide customers with greater access and convenience. Locations include St. Louis, Missouri, Trenton, Illinois, Sparta, Illinois and Benton, Missouri.

Throughout the ownership transition, everyone at Warner Communications and IE Communications is committed to making responsive customer service the singular highest priority across all locations and business units. Warner’s experts are offering free two way communication and security technology system assessments to organizations in Trenton and the west central Illinois area.

Warner Communications Corporation has a proud history and strong future. The company is privately held, was formed in 1962 and is headquartered in St. Louis. With the acquisition of IE Communications, Warner has nearly 50 employees, multiple locations in Missouri and Illinois and a large rapidly growing client base across the Midwest. Warner specializes in sales, installation and ongoing support of commercial and public safety grade two way radio communication systems, IP video surveillance systems, access control systems and vehicle cameras and monitoring systems. The cornerstone of Warner Communications’ success has always been the quality of its employees and the caliber of its technology and equipment partners. Warner welcomes IE Communications’ employees and customers with open arms.

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