NXDN Portable Two Way Radios

Warner Communications has a wide selection of NXDN portable two way radios for sale. As an authorized dealer for the industry’s top manufacturers, we sell, program and repair NXDN portable radios for organizations across Missouri and Illinois. Contact us today for a quote.


Product Features: Our line of interoperable NXDN portable two way radios use open standard protocols to communicate with both analog and digital handsets - switching automatically. These portable radios are ideal for organizations that are migrating from analog to digital systems. Our NXDN portable radios deliver clear voice quality (even in noisy environments) and wide coverage area, while their digital encryption provides communication security. Our product line of NXDN radios offers a wide array of features from basic to advanced, including intelligent battery management for extended battery lifetime and optimal performance, active noise reduction (ANR), intrinsically safe, immersion protection (up to 2 hours at a depth of 1 meter), built-in GPS and built-in emergency mode motion sensors for man-down detection, stationary detection and motion detection.
Product Category: Portable Two Way Radios
Product Type: NXDN
Product Class: Commercial Grade, Multi-Digital + FM Analog, Digital + Analog, Mixed and Selectable Digital + FM Analog
Use: Local Government, Law Enforcement, Fire + Rescue, Emergency Response, Utilities, Military, Federal Goverment
Manufacturer(s): Kenwood
Band Type: VHF/UHF 700-800 MHz
Output Power: 3W - 5W
Zones: 2-128
Channels: 32-1024 (up to 4000 channels with option)
Frequency: 136-174 MHz, 400-470 MHz, 450-520 MHz, 763-776 MHz, 793-806 MHz, 806-824 MHz, 851-870 MHz
Display: 4-Color LED, Backlit Dot Matrix LCD + Large Color Transflective TFT Display Options
Standards: NXDN Forum
Batteru: 1950mAh - 2550mAh Li-Ion Battery, 2000mAh Ni-MH Intrinsically Safe Battery
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