Warner Communications Corporation is owned, operated, and managed by experienced two-way communication experts and security technology professionals.

Since 1962, the company’s accomplished leadership team has grown the business into a thriving enterprise that has earned a reputation for its professionalism, industry knowledge, technical innovation, engineering excellence and responsive customer service.

Let us earn your trust and your business. Schedule a consultation with one of our two way communication experts or security technology professionals to discover how our custom solutions can bring value to your organization.


Steve Guller, President

Steve Guller, President Steve Guller is the president of Warner Communications and a member of the company’s board of directors. Steve has been with Warner Communications since 1994, and is…
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Jeff Hill, Vice President

Jeff Hill, Vice President Technical Services Jeff Hill is vice president of technical services and a valuable member of the board of directors at Warner Communications. Jeff is responsible for…
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Maurice Guller, Founder + Chairman

Maurice Guller, Founder and Chairman Maurice Guller is a founder and the chairman of the Warner Communications Board of Directors. As a result of his strategic vision—and under his leadership—Warner…
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Les Zucker, Founder + Executive Director

Les Zucker, Founder and Executive Director Les Zucker is a founder and the executive director of the Warner Communications Board of Directors. As a result of Les’s technical knowledge, industry…
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